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Creative Brief: I wrote, casted, produced voice-overed and co-edited these 4 commercials. I did not shoot or do lighting for them. I can do some
Limited video editing using Adobe Premiere. This is not my fortee but I am slightly dangerous. I also have 10+ years in making Flash animations and instructional design.

TV Commercials


Product Videos


I have done many 'Flash Splash Intro's", 15 - 30 second eye candy animations or Intro's to websites. You know - the stuff that most people hit 'skip' to :). Those are commonplace with Flash but now Flash is being used to create whole applications or navigation systems that replace HTML completely in a website etc. The links below represent where I have built a full application with Flash, then worked with a programmer on my team to populate data into the Flash from a DB with ASP. Some of these are bandwidth intensive and the first animation requires speakers. On the first and the last application, please wait up until 30 seconds for it to load. The Flash 10 Plugin is Required to view these animations.

FBI Kids Website.

Flash Menu

Animated Flash Intro for Pennsylvania Hospital

Flash Instructional Design

Computer Based Training Application for the IT Staff at the FBI (Requires Speakers and some streaming/loading time, 2-Part Application)

Freelance Flash Animation Work that I did for a Fairfax Company:(Requires Speakers and some streaming/loading time)
Animation 1

Animation 2
Animation 3

A Corporate Flash Interface I Designed that builds through fun animation in under 5 seconds.


Education Application Done Completely in Flash

A Boring Text Based Course Catalogue Turned 'Subway System' for Electricians Done in Flash

DoD Flash Website (this is not very clean design but this is how the client wanted it)

Design 1 (please note the multi-state rollovers with multiple actions scripted in of both sets of Flash menus)


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